Entrepreneurship changes lives. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not easy.

We know that most startups don’t make it past one year. What that number doesn’t account for, though, are the people who try and try again, and keep going until they make it.

Startups may fail, but people don’t have to give up just because an idea or startup doesn’t pan out. The New Nine to Five is for those people who say, “I will succeed no matter what.”

Entrepreneurs are a special group of people with a unique set of values. Not skills, not backgrounds, not resources – values. These people will ultimately choose the only road that makes sense. Their own.

And in following that path, they move mountains, break through barriers, and create avenues for income and experience that they never dreamed possible. These are the people who show their children that they can create their own opportunities, not just wait for them to come along. This incredible group of people take advantage of the chance to go their own way and to pioneer ideas.

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